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76 Industrial Graphics Evolution is an «industry to industry service company» that constantly invests in R&D, new products and new solutions. Tradition and innovation for over 40 years have been the basic start up approach to respond to all new challanges.

The company has always been specialized in the decoration of industrial vehicles and thanks to innovative approach today it offers complete solutions to manufacturers: innovative materials and a support that goes from design to delivery of end products are the strengths of this growth path. With this in mind, the policy has been that of acquiring complementary realities: being an all rounded sector benchmark is the vision that has guided the choices of the last few years.
In 2017 OPTIMA, a screen printing company from the Reggio Emilia territory specialized in the advertising graphics sector, was acquired to integrate complementary skills and guarantee greater flexibility to the customers.

DECAL IN is 76’s commercial and productive hub in Indian. The plant, located in Pune, is divided between production department and offices, covering an area of 1,000 square meters.

The Decal In project, born in 2013, aims to consolidate the company’s presence in India with specific products: large-format adhesive graphics, security labels, logos and customized components, designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of agricultural, industrial and earth moving machinery that make up the local market.  Decal In is a replica of the organizational and production model of Italian industrial screen printers with serial production numbers.



We want to be the first name that comes to the mind of European executives and technicians, when it comes to managing the decoration of industrial vehicles efficiently.
76 Industrial Graphics Evolution is positioned as a point of reference in the international market of specialized industrial graphics. This objective is accomplished thanks to the constant interface and care of final customers.
The value makers of the brand are: customer care, solution centred approach and reliability.

People are the centre of the scheme and represent the real added value of the company.


76 has over forty years of experience. The company was in fact founded in 1976 from the merger of two companies that already operated in the graphic sector of adhesives and decoration: Superscreen owned by Giancarlo Mammi and Serigrafica Reggiana of Iones Boniburini. In 1979 Serigrafia 76 moved to Montecchio, in larger facilities, and further increased its size in 1989, with a new move. Today the production area reaches a total covered area of 3,500 square meters.


1976 Serigrafia 76 is born from the merger of Superscreen and Serigrafica Reggiana


1989 company is moved to new premises


2007 generational change step: Elisa Mammi and the new CEO and shareholder Fausto Mazzali cover the managerial positions and founders Giancarlo Mammi and Iones Boniburini become President and Vice President respectively.


In 2011 Serigrafia 76 founded PrintabLED, a company specialized in UV LED technology for printing and special high speed applications, offering customized solutions for flexo, digintal, screen printing and offset machines.


In 2013 Decal In is founded, the new productive unit and commercial hub in India. The objective is to consolidate a presence in this territory with specific solutions for the local marketplace. Specific products designed to meet the needs of Asian or European manufacturers who have on-site production plants for agricultural machinery and equipment, excavators, earth-moving machines and industrial vehicles.


In 2014 an investment is made in Optima srl, screen printing company from Reggio Emilia in the advertising graphics sector for over twenty years. The operation has allowed to develop the kromex technology and to expand the product range offered to customers, serving the industrial market with customized solutions of the highest quality


2016: the Board of Directors structure changes.  Fausto Mazzali becomes CEO and President and Elisa Mammi is CEO of all the related undertakings.


2017: the main production facility is expanded, its layout optimized and new digitalized procedures are put into place aiming to become a 4.0 Factory. Many investments are made in the production department with the most consistent being the installation of a second Kromex line.


In 2018 Serigrafia 76 becomes 76 Industrial Graphic Evolution: the new name and the restyling of the corporate image represent the new company’s DNA that in a process of evolution is transformed without forgetting its origins. With this in mind, Optima is acquired, an operation that allows to further enhance the offered solutions, enhance know-how and build an offer designed for a broader spectrum of customers ranging from the genearl pubblic to contractors.

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