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A day in 76_Borghi School

Another school project with the scope of corporate social responsibility.

During 9th May morning, children of Infant School Borghi have visited 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution, in occasion of a pedagogic project aimed to tell the city as a representative local community and related activities element.

Children had the opportunity to visit different 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution areas.

Through the paper printing with their names in different colours, they learned how the use of different fades brings numerous emotions. Visiting the department dedicated to Kromex technology, they remembered their parents’ cars logos.

In addition, they learned the meaning of “company”, presented as “a space of people, rooms and machines”, and they understood the importance of link personal competences to reach a group result. In this sense, the meeting rooms has been presented an “ideas room” aimed to communicate, with the onjective to support a personal idea with other minds comparison. Again, the screenprinting activity has been described as a tool that affords to realize minds images.

Another very educative day for Borghi’s children who, in view of their scholastic learning course of most significative city locations, are starting to comprehend the sense of community, share and cooperation.

A very formative day even for 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution team, which, once again, has realized a corporate social responsibility activity and has matched the unique and creative children point of view.

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