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Graphic Solutions

Mass production of the entire range of adhesives and decorations for tractors, agricultural and earthmoving machines, forklifts, truck cranes, tire changers, vehicles and other industrial equipment. This is the field of 76, a company that has reached 40 years of activity and boasts a profound know-how in the sector, ensuring a high quality production and services suited to industrial needs.

All raw materials used by 76 are chosen to meet the strict requirements of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. Utilized materials are:

  • Films and inks for outdoor applications that can withstand thermal stresses
  • Films and inks resistant to cleaning with chemical agents and high pressure hoses
  • Thermoformable inks
  • Specific films for applications on rotationally moulded polyethylene
  • “Anti bubble” films specifically designed for large format decorations
  • 3M, ISEE2, LINTEC & COATES SCREEN are some of the brands that guarantee for quality of the materials used
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