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Merry Christmas with Giocamico!

To play is a serious thing.

In occasion of Christmas Holidays, 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution supports and sustains Giocamico Onlus!

From 1998, Giocamico Association cooperates with the Children Hospital of Parma, guaranteeing and promoting playful, expressive and relational activities for hospitalized children. Today, it counts about 240 volunteers and 10 specialized operators.

Helping realities that create value on the territory is a value in which 76 strongly believes and, for this reason, it will support the Onlus of Parma giving pastels, pens and drawing paper with the objective of colouring young children holidays who are in the hospital department during this period.
This is not all: from the end of January, the company will organize a collection of used and not used toys that will be given to Giocamico periodically.
Thus, the collaboration becomes a moment for thinking about a social and eco-sustainable approach to playing: a pastel, a pen or a used toy are very powerful means to open doors to fantasy, to give a smile and to “hold by the hand”  a reality sometimes hard to support..

76 Industrial Graphics Evolution takes the occasion to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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